Memento Mori


Iterations is a series of paintings of a repeated shape within a square.  The size of the square canvas may change, but the shape remains in the same relationship within that square.

An iteration is a computational procedure in which a cycle of operations is repeated, often to approximate the desired result more closely.  Restricted and repeating structure is a major component of my work.  Mechanical repetition has little to do with my process of repeating.   It is crucial that “my hand” shows in the work.   By repeating the same object again and again, I pull the subject back to colour, and structure.

The shape I have chosen to use in this work is trapezoidal.  I chose this shape as an obvious example of how we interpret shapes into meaning and understanding.  This is a shape we see all of the time, and recognize as rectangular because the brain adjusts automatically to the fact that rectilinear objects appear trapezoidal.  I want the shape to change in front of us depending on what I do with colour, texture, tone, and contrast, while keeping the shape and placement within the canvas the same.