Rachel Yoder is an abstract painter living in a mountain valley near Nelson, BC. She began painting intensely coloured canvases in the early 2000’s.

Restricted, repeating structure is a major component of her work.  She combines the strength of grids and blocks with depth of colour, to create canvases that are concerned with creating space and movement.  Yoder is fascinated by the way the brain organizes visual information into figure and ground, and she uses that in making non-representational paintings.  She explores the ways in which colour differences, contrast, tone and hue affect response and interpretation.

Ms. Yoder uses wooden stretcher frames covered with a thin skin of plywood, making a stable, rigid surface.  These are covered with canvas and painted with acrylics using drywall knives to scrape paint and spread thinned layers.  She works with the transparency of glaze-like thinned colour, combining it with more opaque colour, to build structure that has a complexity of depth and visual texture.

Rachel Yoder maintains a studio in a valley near Nelson, BC.